If you have made it to this page we are guessing you have some amazing, fresh and real content you think we should publish and we'd be THRILLED to.  We are looking to showcase all kinds of love from established and new photographers because we believe that love is love.  If you do too, then keep reading!  

A few things you should keep in mind when submitting content to us

  • We are based out of Philadelphia, PA and have a special spot in our hearts for content from our area but we feature content from across the country!  So no matter where you are, we want to see what you've got.  
  • We believe wholeheartedly in working with photographers and vendors who have a passion for more than just pretty.  To us that means celebrating the every day, the lower budget & DIY, showcasing straight and LGBTQ content side by side, and making sure that we represent all kinds of the ethnicities, body sizes, religions, socioeconomic status  and abilities.  If #loveislove then it all should be shown equally and with pride.  
  • We publish anywhere from 15-100 images per post, depending on the nature of what it is.  A good rule of thumb is to submit the most curated version so we have more time to post and not cull your images. 
  • We do accept some submissions that have been featured elsewhere, please just let us know where when submitting.  
  • At this time we are accepting a limited number of wedding films, even without images. 
  • We publish at least 8 pieces of fresh content a week
  • Currently, we prioritize submissions that we receive via Two Bright Lights, but if you would like to submit to us the old fashion way, please send us an email with at least 200 words about the submission, information and links for all vendors involved and send a link for the images.  (we prefer Pixieset, Pass, zenfolio or Dropbox!)