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  1. equivalent in value, force, effect or significance; virtually the same as.

    "my wedding was tantamount to hers, even though they were incredible different.  The shown was all the same. 


There are literally hundreds of wedding and lifestyle blogs on the internet, so why create another?  #becauseloveislove and we felt that the world was missing a place where you could find inspiration from diverse, real life people without an emphasis on style or type of love. With blogs designed for curvy brides, traditional families, pinup boudoir, lifestyle newborns, offbeat grooms, queer love and area specific focus....why couldn't there be a blog where you could find all of this in one place?  

We believe that traditional, offbeat, young, old, gay, straight, high end and DIY all deserve to be feature together.  And we also believe in doing this not just for weddings but all kinds of photos too.  

It is our mission to do more than just pay lip service to the idea that love is love.  By creating a space for folks to be inspired by fresh, new content you might not see anywhere else and committing ourselves to showcasing as many different types of love and love stories out there, it our hope that our world truly begins to see that love really is just love.