DIY Maas Building Philadelphia Lesbian Wedding

Who doesn't love a good love story?  And today we've got a great one for you!  Rita and Angela Burns tied the knot in May and today they are talking all things wedding planning!  We asked them a ton of questions about what their planning and wedding was like and we are SO excited to be sharing it with all of you today!  And a huge thank you to Swiger Photography for providing us with these gorgeous images!!!

Both of your names: Angela Burns and Rita Burns

When did you start dating? October 2013

Who proposed to whom and when? Rita purposed to Angela in December 2014.

How did you pick out your rings?  Where are they from?  We picked our engagement rings from Etsy because of their unique styles. We weren’t looking for anything traditional, just something unique to us. Plus, we were able to support local vendors. 

Wedding date: May 21, 2016

Wedding venue/s: Maas Building

Color Scheme/theme: Sunset colors

What made you pick those colors/theme? We just really enjoy sunsets for some reason. The colors are always gorgeous. 

Where did you get your outfits from: Rita go her suit from MySuit in Center City and Angela go her dress from Alfred Angelo in Cherry Hill, NJ. 

Tell us about how you decided to wear what you did?  Did you shop together?  Separate? Rita isn’t much of a dress girl and Angela is, so it was natural for Rita to go with a suit. Rita attended many of Angela’s fittings and Rita went shopping with her mom. 

Who was your Wedding Photographer: Swiger Photography

What made you hire them? Because she is gay…just kidding, well…But seriously, it is comforting to have a photographer who is accommodating to same sex couples and knows not to pose us in awkward places. 

Did you feel like they understood how to capture you as a lesbian couple? Yes

Who were some of the other vendors you worked with for your wedding?  Cake?  Food?  Flowers? Ect.
Venue: Maas Building
Food: Pitruco Food Truck
DJ: Nikki Lopez 

Did you work with a planner?  If so who? Amanda Swiger

Did you have any issues with potential vendors because you were a lesbian couple? Not really. Our only issue is that the hotel that we got room blocks for initially assumed Rita was marrying a man. 

How did you find your vendors?  Were they recommend by family or friends?  Found on the Internet?  Mostly found on the internet. I knew Nikki back from my days at PGN when I used to interview her for anything GALAEI-related. I heard of her work and it just felt like a natural thing to do. She was such a kickass DJ that I am thinking of hiring her for Rita’s graduation party, haha. Rita and I found Pitruco after being disappointed with another food truck option. We sought them out one day, ordered two whole pies and ate those pies in one sitting. From that moment, we were hooked. 

What did you come down the aisle to? “She Keeps Me Warm” by Mary Lambert.

Angela and Rita-24.jpg
Angela and Rita-661.jpg

Who walked each of you down the aisle if anyone? We walked each other down. 

What was your first dance song?  “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” by Frankie Valli

Favorite Part of your wedding day: Just having everyone we love in the same space. That was pretty awesome. 

Where did you spend most of your money? Food, lol.

Looking back now, do you have any regrets?  Anything you would change about your wedding day? Maybe Rita wouldn’t have left her tie at home so that we could have gotten more photos of her and her mom getting ready, but Rita just had to forget it…lol

Did you do a first look?  Why or why not?  If you did, can you talk about that moment?   Yes we did and it was probably a little awkward just because it is us and we are just super awkward around cameras. It was nice just to see each other in our final looks though.

Was there anything you two disagreed over in the planning process?  How did you compromise or figure it out? Rita being in law school—just kidding. Rita had a lot of studying to do, so she was unable to attend a lot of planning meetings. 

What is some advice you would give to other lesbian couples planning their wedding?  Get a wedding planner, no but seriously, just do it. 

Anything else you wanna share about your planning process? Not so much the wedding planning process, but for the day. People will tell you it will go by so quickly. Do yourself a favor, take a few moments, look around and just take it all in. I was able to do this and it didn’t feel like it was over too quickly. I can still remember the simplest details.